Young YouTuber transferred the movie Tenet to Game Boy!

Young YouTuber transferred the movie Tenet to Game Boy!

Christopher Nolan signed Tenet movies By an American YouTuber Game Boy Advance transferred to the handheld console. The video, which became viral on social media platforms in a short time, became the center of attention due to the hard work of the content producer.

Postponed three times due to COVID-19 Tenet It was finally released on August 26 last year. The first major to be released during the pandemic Hollywood movies The production made its mark on the summer with its magnificent story. Although it did not achieve the success it wanted at the box office, the film, which was spread by word of mouth with the whisper newspaper, took its name among the legends in a short time. We haven’t seen Tenet on a digital streaming network yet. But the creative creator does not Into the 90s effasne game console carried.

Tenet video transferred to the nostalgic console is widely talked about on social media

Bob Wulff judicial YouTuber, about 2 hours 30 minutes Interestingly enough, the length film fit into this rather nostalgic camera. Game Boy Advance cartridges average half an hour has a maximum capacity. For this Wulff cut the film into five cartridges we watch. Even the name, who does not want to come across with a dry cartridge, is a good choice for stylish DVDs. cartridge design even doing it!

To touch on the technical part of the work, Wulff reduced the resolution values ​​of the Tenet film in order to do this. 192 × 128 pixels The construction brought to quality, at the same time up to six frames per second squeezed. For those who don’t know, this figure corresponds to 24 frames per second in a standard movie.

As a result Nolan’s espionage-themed time travel movie for the first time in such a form! Of course IMAX experience It would be ridiculous to compare this with. But still, what are your views on this YouTuber’s laborious work above? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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