Years of Windows feature coming to Android 12

Years of Windows feature coming to Android 12

Android 12 new for Features continues to emerge. One of the essential functions for Windows trashIs in trial phase for Android 12. The developers have added a lot of new features, including trash, in the source code of the beta version released. Android 12 feature discovered.

New features appeared in Android 12 developer beta

Google will organize in May I / O Developers Conferencein Android 12 beta version will release. Features of this new pre-beta operating system continue to be tested in the developer beta.

XDA Developers Among the new features discovered by the Windows operating system characterized by trash a similar function was discovered. Judging by this discovered feature, Android 12The files, etc., that you delete in. will be in this area. However, for now, the feature does not include a function for retrieving these files.

It is possible that this function will be added later with the Google file manager. Thus, you will be able to see your deleted files in one place and get them back if you want. For the moment, the feature is visually Android 12 developer beta did not appear.

New Android version and discovered features

Google, Android 12 for trash feature started to experiment with exciting features outside of it. Here are the new features that have appeared in the Android 12 developer beta:

– New feature for screenshot

One of them is the renewed screenshot feature. The feature, also called screenshot or “ss” by users, allows us to edit the image taken more easily. While cropping the screenshot, a magnifying glass tool allows us to make a clearer selection.

– Easy to install applications from outside

Android 12 is an operating system that also allows applications downloaded from outside. Google, with Android 12, is giving a warning for the application downloaded from outside. After this short warning, it directs you to the screen that will allow you to allow the application.

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From left to right, the new screenshot feature, the screen brightness bar new design, the chat widget with close ones

– Splash screen for every app

Google will activate a special splash screen for each application in the new operating system. This new feature can make it easier to open applications that do not have their own landing page. However, in trials, it turned out that the feature interfered with the applications’ own splash screens. According to the developers, Google will fix this error.

Animation changes

Google has made improvements in both application scrolling and application pull animations. Accordingly, when you pull the page up and down after entering the application draw, a bouncing effect appears. A small splash effect is also used when opening the application drawer.

– Change in voice control interface

The new operating system also changes the Android voice control interface as we know it and have been used for years. In the new design, icons such as on / off sound have become larger and more pronounced. This design change is also seen on the screen brightness on-off bar.

– New setting for screen brightness

A new setting for screen brightness has been added to the accessibility settings. Accordingly, it will be possible to change the screen brightness to extra dim. In this new mode, the brightness of the screen dims rather than dims.

Widget showing conversations with relatives

It turned out that the widget, which was previously encountered in developer beta codes, showing the last messages made with relatives, is also available. Thanks to this new widget, we will be able to easily access the chats of the people you have determined closely.

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