Xiaomi's victory gives hope to other Chinese companies

Xiaomi’s victory gives hope to other Chinese companies

Chinese tech giant Xiaomiby the USA last month blacklisted receipt. Direct PentagonIn line with the decision of the company, Chinese army and State with direct relationship was claimed to be.

Former president in the usa Donald TrumpThis decision, which is the last action of the company before leaving office, was met with serious reaction from Xiaomi. The company’s CEO, Lei Jun, who explained that he had no relationship with the Chinese state and military in any way, stated that they quickly objected to the decision.

To the us federal court by applying Recently to Xiaomi, who wanted the decision to be examined good news came. Finding the Pentagon’s decision “deeply wrong”, the court did not not applicable explained.

Other Chinese companies take action after Xiaomi wins the case

Federal court; “Xiaomi is a public company that manufactures commercial products for civilian use, is managed by independent boards and controlling shareholders, and is not controlled by the People’s Republic of China or those associated with security services.” He canceled the decision by making a statement.

Following Xiaomi’s victory, Washington lawyer Brian Egan said, “It’s ridiculous that Xiaomi won the case, and I think it will definitely lead to other companies seeking help.”He made the explanation.


Reactions continue in the USA after Xiaomi left the case with victory.

Following these statements, other Chinese companies that were blacklisted began to act. From Routers incoming According to the information, Chinese companies Steptoe & Johnson and Hogan Lovells He started to object to the decisions taken in agreement with such famous law firms.

According to statements from law firm Steptoe & Johnson, Chinese companies are working extensively with lawyers to challenge the US blacklist decision and its justifications.

Former US president Donald Trump blacklists 9 more Chinese companies with Xiaomi

When it comes to the black list, the first company that comes to mind is undoubtedly Huawei. About USA for 2 yearsThe Chinese company, which is on the black list of Turkey, is having quite a difficult time due to the embargo.

As is known, 9 more Chinese companies were blacklisted with Xiaomi. Therefore, these companies are expected to be the companies preparing to appeal the blacklist decision.

We will see all together in the coming days if other Chinese companies objecting to the US blacklist decision will be able to get the results they want.

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