Xiaomi phone will produce first became apparent in Turkey

Xiaomi phone will produce first became apparent in Turkey

Recently, manufacturers of smartphones that started production in Turkey, we often hear. Oppo next Chinese explaining that it would start production in Turkey Xiaomi The first smart phone that the company will produce in our country has appeared.

According to the information received, the company was the first in our country Xiaomi Redmi 9C will start the production of the model. Recently Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa VarankThe trial productions of the smartphone that appeared during the visit made by the company to the Xiaomi factory were carried out.

Mass production will start soon

The factory, which produces with the cooperation of Xiaomi and Salcomp, will bring more Xiaomi smartphones to users in the coming months if everything goes well.

The trial production of the smartphone will begin mass production in the coming days. In our country 1.900 TL If mass production of the smart phone sold in the band starts in our country, a serious decrease in the sales price is expected.

First domestic production Xiaomi Redmi 9C features


Xiaomimi Redman’s first smartphone to be produced in Turkey will be 9C

One of the best price-performance smartphones Xiaomi Redmi 9C, 6.53 inch IPS LCD It comes across with the screen. On the RAM side 2GBWith a memory of ‘, the smartphone is game-oriented MediaTek Helio G35 getting power from its processor. The smartphone does not upset us too much on the camera side. On the back 13 Megapixels main camera, 5 Megapixels ultra wide angle lens and 2 Megapixels depth sensor welcomes us. If in the front 5 megapixels The selfie camera is positioned.

On the battery side 10WIt has fast charging support 5.000 mAhIncludes a battery. 32GBThe smart phone, which will come with storage capacity, offers microSD card support up to 512 GB.

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