Xiaomi Mi Band 6's launch date has been announced

Xiaomi Mi Band 6’s launch date has been announced

Xiaomi’nin The smart bracelet, which takes its place among the most popular and best selling ecosystem products My Band series gets its new member. Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Although it is very similar to its other models in terms of design and features, its fans are already waiting for the sales date.

For the new product leaked in the past weeks; Xiaomi The explanation was quick by. In addition, the company’s Product Marketing Manager and Global Spokesperson Abi Goshared a video about the product.

Expected product Xiaomi Mi Band 6 introduced on March 29

Last year, first June The company that introduced the Mi Band 5 in China in February; Also in july spherical as he introduced. This time, Xiaomi, holding his hand quickly, less than a year later, Mi Band 6is preparing to introduce.

Xiaomi’s not only satisfied with this product; on the same day Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra ve yeni Mi MIX It is expected to introduce models as well. The company does not seem to change the design line of the new Mi Band.

In an image leaked in the past weeks Mi Band 6We saw that it is similar to the previous model. Even first introduced in the Mi Band 5 series magnetic charging cable was also included in the visual.

Xiaomi’s Product Marketing Manager and Global Spokesperson Abi GoShared a video showing the design and color options of Mi Band 6. Your product Mi Band 6 special to series In 6 colors It did not go unnoticed if it will go on sale.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 features While there is no explanation about; voice support of the new model in leaked information Amazon Alexa It is stated that it will be compatible with. It also allows measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood, which was expected to be in the previous model. SpO2 sensor Drawing attention with the Mi Band, compared to the old models more sports will support your type.

Of the new series two different versions is expected to be available for sale with.NFC’li your version China For the market, it is stated that the version without NFC will be released for both China and the global market. Also of the new model built-in GPS The future is claimed with.

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