Xiaomi announces Mi Notebook Pro launch date

Xiaomi announces Mi Notebook Pro launch date

Not just with their smartphones, from smart home products operating in many fields from wearable technologies to Xiaomi; announced the launch date of its latest laptop, Mi Notebook Pro.

Xiaomi He shared a few features for his new laptop before. The computer expected to have superior hardware, the design a change was made in the subject.

Xiaomi will introduce Mi Notebook Pro in late March

Xiaomi, officially the new models of the Mi Notebook series will be on Monday next week. 29 Mart’ta announced that it will be introduced. Launch event In china to do.

Xiaomi officials recently announced that the Mi Notebook Pro will come with a high resolution display. At the same time, your new computer “high resolution is just the starting pointClaimed to be.


Pro model, 3K resolution and 90Hz have a screen refresh rate; It is expected to have a high quality screen. Providing excellent brightness, contrast and color performance compared to ordinary notebook products OLED bir panel It is said to be introduced with. Also, Mi Notebook Pro is expected to adopt a new design style to replace the previous mold. Instead, it is better quality and completely crafted using one piece molding. a metal design will appear with.


Mi Notebook Pro 2021As the name suggests, the highest core frequency up to 5GHz; New generation Intel Core i7-11375H Comes with processor. The laptop is also an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 It also includes the Ti graphics card.

Except Xiaomi’s same day Mi Notebook Pro 2021; We 11 Dec and Mi 11 Ultra and maybe Mi 11 Liteis also expected to introduce.

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