Xiaomi 2020 sales data has been announced!  Here are the numbers

Xiaomi 2020 sales data has been announced! Here are the numbers

Making a statement about the sales data for 2020 Xiaomi, 10 milyon premium announced that it is selling smartphones. The firm’s profit has increased annually, while smartphone shipments are 17,5 with an increase 146.4 reached a million.

Xiaomi thanked its users for 2020 sales data

Xiaomi, 2020 about 10 million in premium While claiming to sell smartphones, the number of active monthly users of the MIUI operating system is now 400 stated that it was over a million. Company Premium in china their phones 3 bin CNY While selling (Chinese Yuan) and above, in other countries 300 euro Offers on sale around.


Company picture Twitter from his account in the statement, “Even in the middle of a difficult year, in all business segments We managed to achieve excellent results. This success is amazing Me He did not neglect to express his gratitude to his users, saying “It could not be done without the support of our fans and partners.”

Due to the increase in phone shipments Xiaomi, managed to rise to the position of the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer. 2020 year of Huawei since it is not suitable for Me brand managed to meet most of the company’s phone demand, and its domestic shipments compared to the previous 51.9 percent made it possible to increase the rate.

Xiaomi’nin When the financial report shared by him is examined, his total income 245 billion CNY (37.5 billion USD) seems to be on. It’s just 152 CNY (USD 23.2 billion) from smart phones, 93 billion CNY ( 14 billion USD), it was stated that the company was obtained from a wide range of products from towels to smart televisions.

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