Xbox Game Pass subscribers spend more money

Xbox Game Pass subscribers spend more money

Xbox Game Pass You can access hundreds of games with a low monthly fee. Game Pass subscribers also get a certain discount if they want to buy the games. When all these come together, Game Pass is a profitable service. Game Pass library continues to expand day by day. Considering the game prices in our country Xbox consoles The most profitable way to access games for Game Pass is happening.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers spend 20 percent more

Game PassPlayers can spend more money due to the affordable monthly subscription price of. You can access a game in the library for a more affordable price or DLC can buy packages. As such, the players Game Pass He spends more money on a platform like.

Xbox Game Pass aboneleri

Microsoft‘ta Game Ecosystem corporate vice president Sarah BondGave some statistics on this situation in an interview with Forbes. Bond for Game Pass subscribers to play 20 percent spending more money, time allotted to games 20 percent stated that there is more. also Game Pass by subscribers, other digital game platforms and service subscribers 30 percent playing more games. Finally, Game Pass subscribers 40 percent they try more game types.

Sarah Bond

It is quite surprising to spend so much on a service with a low cost like Game Pass. Sarah Bond He gives an example regarding this situation, “When you subscribe to a service like Netflix, you don’t spend extra money. But, Game Pass When you subscribe to a service like DLCYou may want to access or have in-game purchases. In this case, you are spending more money on the Game Pass service. “

Bethesda games Game Pass subscription service that gained more popularity with its addition to the library, EA PlayIt continues to attract players who love different genres by incorporating.

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