World's first digital NFT house Mars House sold at record price

World’s first digital NFT house Mars House sold at record price

World’s first dijital NFT evi the one Mars House sold at a record price. Italian artist Krista Kim The work, prepared last year, attracted all the attention by finding buyers from extraordinary numbers.

Mars House was sold for 288 Ether as NFT

Toronto artist Krista Kimself-founded Techism It challenged the power of the NFT as a representative of its current. Mars House Stating that his project will live digitally forever, the designer stated that he designed this house to create a better world for future generations.

Mars House

The crypto art trend is spreading.

NFT Mars House was put up for sale on Superrade platform. For an unnamed art lover, this digital work 288 Ether paid. So about 515 thousand dollars The artwork was sold in return. In response to this record sale, Krista Kim said the following sentences:

Conceptually, Mars House was designed for our future AR and Metaverse lifestyle. This is where we are going by making 3D digital NFTs for augmented reality. I want to sit and drink champagne with my friends at Mars House. I dream of holding my Zoom meetings here again. I created this place because this is my dream house. I hope the new owner will like it as much as I do. This house is where art will come into the future.

Mars House

Mars House was sold for 288 Ether.

NFT madness continues unabated

Undoubtedly, March was very productive for the spread of NFT. Earlier this month GucciStarting at $ 17.99 digital shoe started to sell their products. Founder of Twitter at the beginning of the week Jack DorseyHis first tweet 15 years ago For $ 2.9 billion sold. Only the following sentence was written in the post: “just setting up my twttr

At the beginning of the month, the famous artist Banksy Morons His table was burned and turned into a digital asset. The physical copy of the work was 95 thousand dollars. Famous entrepreneur Elon Musk announced that it will sell one music as NFT. Every day we hear more and more Non-Fungible Token it has become a good option, especially for artists.

so you Mars House three-dimensional digital work named For 515 thousand dollars What do you think about the sale? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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