Will hide 'dislikes' count on YouTube videos

Will hide ‘dislikes’ count on YouTube videos

YouTube users for years “like“Or”don’t likeHe allowed him to evaluate the videos on the platform using ”buttons. However, the digital content network owned by Google will soon put a limit on this rating.

Thumb down button individual YouTube It can sometimes be used as a bullying for its users. Wanting to prevent this, the platform said, “dislikeAnnounced that it has begun testing a new design that hides the issue of “.

‘Dislike’ numbers will only appear in YouTube Studio

New works focused on content producers “a little experimentDescribing as YouTubehas clarified the innovations. Expressing that they focus on the well-being of channel owners, the platform said, ‘dislikeHe explained the changes regarding the ‘button as follows:

Several new designs that do not show the overall ‘dislike’ count are in testing phase. You may see one of these designs in the coming weeks. Content producers will still be able to view the full likes and dislikes numbers through YouTube Studio.

Shared by YouTube Twitter According to his post, ‘dislikeHiding the ‘number on the platform will look like this:


YouTube hides the ‘dislike’ count.

YouTube Studio Through the control panel, channel owners will be able to control the feedback from their audience. The platform will do this to make the algorithm work better and prevent hate campaigns. As a small reminder, in 2018 Rewindhad the most disliked video record. To 2.9 million likes against 19 million dislikes had. Also, a number of negative comments were written.

How do you evaluate this innovation of YouTube? Do you think hiding the ‘dislike’ button will prevent lynch campaigns? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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