Will Apple insist on the 'Mini' error?

Will Apple insist on the ‘Mini’ error?

Apple is predicted to announce at the end of the year iPhone 13 Many important details about the models were leaked. Mini detail attracted a lot of attention from the resulting information. Because the fact that the Mini version will be found in the new series of the iPhone is interpreted by the authorities as a ‘repeat of the error’.

Why is Apple returning to the same area?

iPhone 12 Mini, September 2020It has seen disappointing results since its launch in. Apple, Mini’ye It developed a marketing strategy based on the fact that the demand for it would be great. But earlier this month, it had to reduce its order rate by seventy percent. The resulting table of the Mini version in the iPhone portfolio both price as well as functionality shows that it is difficult to find a place in terms of.

Why won’t iPhone SE 3 be released? Here’s the answer

5 months after Apple launched a new iPhone SE model last year iPhone 12 MiniHe introduced. After 12 Mini, marketing strategy focused on SE suddenly changed direction and shifted to Mini model. In addition, for those looking for a new model, small size phone, with iPhone 11 family showed that it offers the same power.

IPhone SE, two generations when September 2021 arrives old technology and to hardware Will have. So instead of a new SE model from Apple, this deficit iPhone 13 Mini It is thought to close with. In addition, since the price of the iPhone SE will be lower, this will also cause Apple to reduce the price of the iPhone 13 Mini.

iPhone 12 mini sales

On the Mini side, it is stated that there is still a place for the iPhone 13 Mini, although it is not as big a market as Apple hopes and it may not be able to generate as much turnover to the company as its other smartphones.

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