What's wrong with the Youtubers?  Presidential meeting

What’s wrong with the Youtubers? Presidential meeting

YouTubers are among the public today people with high earnings While defined as, taxes paid etc. are not talked about much. There are problems and demands waiting to be resolved in the background. In this context, country administrations need to listen to the problems of content producers and offer various solutions.

Hakkı Alkan recently Presidency’s Chief of Staff Hasan DoğanAttended a meeting in Ankara at the invitation of. That was exactly the subject of the meeting, what’s wrong with the Youtubers? In addition to those who produce content for TikTok and YouTube, namely influencers, social media agencies attended the meeting.

Content producers and agency representatives were at the Presidency!

In this context, the demands of the content producers and agencies were listened. There was an exchange of ideas on what steps the state can take in this regard. Now, let’s not go any further and listen to the details of the meeting from Hakkı Alkan;

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