What will be introduced in the tech world next week?

What will be introduced in the tech world next week?

As known MWC Barcelona now takes place in the middle of the year. Therefore, manufacturers had to resort to individual events to reveal their phones. Within the scope of the events Mart The first two weeks of the month will be full of announcements and the intensity will continue until the third week. Some of the important events planned for the third week have been announced.

iQOO 5

As part of the technology events in March, we will first see a smartphone presentation. In this context iQOOThe newest smartphone Neo 5 16 Martwill be released in. 120W fast charging Being a phone with some impressive features including support iQOO 7Technology enthusiasts are excited with the release of.

According to reports on the phone iQOO Neo 5‘in 120Hz will come with a refresh rate display and Snapdragon 870He claims that he will get power from.

Redmi TV will be available in India

Redmi TV It is entering the Indian market. It has been several years since Redmi started producing its own branded smart TVs. However, these televisions were exclusive to China.

Now Redmi is on Wednesday at the 17th India will announce its first smart TV for the market. TV, first Redmi Note 10 The series was introduced at the end of the launch event. A promotional page created for the event points to the TV with a very large screen.

It will also have content tailored for an Indian audience, an impressive speaker, game features, and serve as a hub for supported IoT devices.

Micromax In 1

On the other hand, another product to be introduced this month Indian smartphone manufacturer Micromaxcomes from. Indian firm gIn the month we passed, in November IN Note 1 and IN 1Bcelebrated its return to the smartphone business with the launch of the.

Company 19 Martto smartphone category in Micromax In 1 plans to add another model to be released as of now. The phone to be promoted according to a leaked specification document Helio G80 getting power from the processor and 5000 mAh expected to have battery capacity.

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