What is Holistic SEO?  - Clicks'us

What is Holistic SEO? – Clicks’us

Holistic SEO“With its clearest definition, it is to give up classical SEO studies in order to achieve remarkable success in search engines. So what are the classic SEO practices mentioned here? If you want, let’s talk about this first.

Classic SEO studies, search engine “How is SEO done?It covers all the simple and traditional methods you will encounter when you start your research by typing. It includes content full of keywords, backlinks for search engines, studies done by determining highly competitive keywords with high search volumes, in short, it covers the old SEO studies that are made for the search engine, not the user. Although traditional SEO studies seem to be guiding and useful at the beginning of the work, unfortunately, it does not provide a solid foundation in the long term. Holistic so holistic SEO But it comes into play at this point and fights with all known traditional methods.

With the development of search engine algorithms over the years and the fact that they are still improving themselves regularly today, optimization studies have also undergone an inevitable evolution. Accordingly, applying the same methods insistently against a system that renews itself and becomes even smarter, of course, makes it impossible to achieve the desired results. Contrary to all these factors, holistic SEO covers more natural and rational studies, especially based on the user. Well, How is holistic SEO done? Let’s summarize quickly so that everyone can understand.

1.Backlink Studies Should Be As Organic As Possible

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The backlink work you do and the strategies you follow in this way should be as natural and user-oriented as possible. The authority of the sites you prefer for backlinks, its compatibility with your industry, the nature of your promotional article directly affects the naturalness of a backlink in the eyes of the search engine and especially the user. For this reason, your promotional articles will reach their goals in every way.

2. Pay Attention to Key Words!

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Keyword strategy is the backbone of SEO work. It is very important to follow the right strategy, as the keywords you will determine according to your sector will directly affect your on-site content and backlink work. So what can you do about it?

The most important thing that can be done in this regard is instead of focusing on point-to-point words with high search volume, which is the method that everyone knows and applies; long tail is to focus on words with low search volume. Carrying out this strategy at the beginning of SEO work will allow you to reach your target audience directly and contribute to the growth of your website step by step, steadily. For this reason, focusing on long-tail words preferred by visitors instead of search engines will take you to your goal with sure steps.

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Apart from the issue of determining the keywords, the position of the keywords in the content is also very important. The more distasteful the content overflowing with the specified keywords is in the eyes of the user, the more it is perceived by the search engines. Since this kind of content is not prepared to give information to the user and provide a better experience, it draws a completely unprofessional profile away from an organic strategy.

3.Current Content and Social Media

Holistic SEO Nedir?

Having up-to-date content on your site and publishing healthy and interesting content regularly affects your website traffic by keeping the connection with the user fresh. For this reason, you should share up-to-date content related to your sector and the interests of your target audience; It is also very important in terms of the character of your website and SEO work.

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Apart from the fact that the impact of social media on digital is now a well-known fact, its value in the eyes of search engines is becoming more important day by day. The rapid response of search engine bots to social media links makes it inevitable that you need to link the content on your site with your social media accounts.

Holistic SEO Nedir?

We also believe that staying up-to-date in the digital world and following changes will further develop strategies.Holistic SEOWe offer you the most up-to-date studies by adopting the understanding of

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