What is AVAX Coin and how to get it?  How much is it worth?

What is AVAX Coin and how to get it? How much is it worth?

Crypto coins that entered our lives with Bitcoin continue to maintain their popularity on the agenda. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies defined as altcoins in this market, which has become more valuable than the normal stock market. unit of takes place.

While everyone is talking about Bitcoin, there is another altcoin that is on the rise especially today: AVAX Coin. Well everybody’s talking What is AVAX Coin? How much is it worth?

What is AVAX (Avalanche)?

Firstly What is Avalanche? Need to answer the question. This technology, which has a finger behind it, was founded by Cornell University Computer Science Professor Emin Gün Sirer. Defined as any decentralized application network that works similar to Palkadot Avalanche, It allows developers to jointly distribute blockchains with other blockchains.

AVAX (Avalanche)was first released by Ava Labs in 2018. AVAX (Avalanche), the first smart contracts network with the power to finalize transactions in less than a second as standard, aims to be the only choice of those who want to do finsanal transactions in a decentralized way using smart contracts and other next-generation blockchain technologies.

Avalanche, managed to raise $ 18 million of VC funds from investors in the market. Thanks to this financial support, the AVAX token has been put into use. The sale of the token increased by $ 42 million in under 4.5 hours in July 2020. The AVAX mainnet then went live in September 2020. Thanks to the Avalanche / Ethereum bridge opened last month, Ethereum users can move their assets such as ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens to Avalanche.

AVAX valueAs of today, it has increased by 30 percent and has increased its value to exactly 250 TL. Request “What is AVAX Coin?” These are the features of the crypto currency, which is on the agenda with the question.

AVAX (Avalanche) ne kadar?

Its value suddenly increases, AVAX (Avalanche) Why was the agenda all of a sudden? explains the answer to the question. Until recently value 205 TL was at the level. On the attack today The value of AVAX Coin rose to 269 TL in the early hours. AVAX Coin transaction volume has seen an increase of 266 percent. This corresponds to 10.147,869,881.44 TL. AVAX Coin market value, on the other hand, saw an increase of 31 percent. It is stated that this increase corresponds to 31,699,120,802.23 TL.

How to buy AVAX Coin?

If you want to buy AVAX Coin Bibance, paribus, Huobi and Bitfinex You need to use applications such as. Thanks to these applications, you can purchase AVAX Coin.

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