What is an MSA?  Solution from Xiaomi for MSA has stopped error

What is an MSA? Solution from Xiaomi for MSA has stopped error

Xiaomi users encountered an annoying problem. MSA has stopped error Faced with, users are looking for a solution. So what’s the solution to this error?

It has been stated that the MSA stopped error associated with the Android System WebView error appearing today only affects Xiaomi users.

What is the solution for MSA has stopped error?

According to the latest information from Xiaomi smartphones MIUI System Ads. It is stated that the (MSA) advertising services application has crashed. Users who cannot use their phones encounter the MSA has stopped error. Here is the solution to the error:

Solution for MSA has stopped error

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store app.

Step 2: Search for the Android System WebView application and update it.

Step 3: Go to Settings> Passwords and Security> Authorization and Revocation menu.

Step 4: Turn it off here if the MSA is on, and if it’s off, turn it on.

Second solution announced by Xiaomi

Step 1: Open the Settings> Applications> Manage Applications menu.

Step 2: Find the WebView application and click on it.

Step 3: Clear all data of Android System WebView app and remove it from phone.

Officially by Xiaomi about this problem and solution explained method is currently the only known solution.

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