What happened in the cryptocurrency market this week?

What happened in the cryptocurrency market this week?

Cryptocurrency marketoccupies the agenda with sudden increases and decreases in value. That’s why for one week We will look at how the major currencies progressed over the time period.

Especially Chiliz (CHZ) and Holo (HOT) was on the agenda in social media last week. In addition, with the increase in value yesterday, BitTorrent (BTT) crypto money attracted attention. We also stated the current value and weekly change of these coins in our news.

How was a week for the cryptocurrency market? What is the latest for CHZ, HOT and BTT cryptocurrencies?

In the world of digital currencies, altcoins are also getting more attention. In this context; 9 Mart The record rise of CHZ in its history had been on the agenda in social media. In a day 90 percent The crypto money, which gained value, had exceeded the level of 6 TL when we came to March 13. However, after this point, CHZ declined.

Chiliz CHZ value

As of today CHZ coin value While it is around 4.1 TL, when we look at the weekly crypto money 7 percent‘more than depreciation we see that he lives.

Another altcoin that attracts attention with its rise in the crypto money market is Holo. (HOT) happened. Currency bouncing in a day like CHZ, 0,022 TL doubled its value and continued to rise for a while.

HOT, which has a value of 0.057 TL as of today, 40 percentgained value over. However, it should be noted that Holo lost around 7 percent compared to the previous day.

On the other hand, BitTorrent (BTT) coin value also increased rapidly and in a short time, thus attracting attention. The currency, which gained 80 percent value yesterday, fell 10 percent today. When we look at it on a weekly basis BTT 65 percent at the level of increase in value lived.

BitTorrent BTT value

We conveyed the latest situation of altcoins that stand out in the crypto money market in our news. This content is strictly not investment advice.

What’s going on this week for the 10 most popular coins?

Bitcoin (BTC) – Its value is at the level of 407 thousand TL – This week 6.8 percent lost value

Ethereum (ETC) – Its value is at the level of 12 thousand 800 TL – This week 6.5 percent lost value

Binance Coin (BNB) – Its value is at the level of 1.887 TL – This week 2.8 percent lost value

Cardano (ADA) – Value at 8.60 TL – Value this week 10 per cent has increased

Ripple (XRP) – Value at 3.65 TL – This week 13 percentgained value close to

Litecoin (LTC) – Its value is at the level of 1.409 TL – This week 11 percent lost value

Stellar (XLM) – Value at 2.90 TL – Value this week 0.5 percent has increased

Dogecoin (DOGE) – Its value is at the level of 0.41 TL – This week 6.35 percent lost value

Tron (TRX) – Value at 0.43 TL – Value this week 15 percent has increased

Avalanche (AVAX) – Value at the level of 237 TL – Value this week 6.3 percent has increased

The values ​​we wrote above are according to the situation at the time we wrote the news. Therefore, there may be small changes in numbers.

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