We managed Android on Windows!  - ShiftDelete.Net

We managed Android on Windows! – ShiftDelete.Net

Thanks to the ability to write messages and share photos from your laptop, you can do multiple jobs at the same time and easily do your work with the Windows 10 phone companion. So how? Here is the answer.

Manage your phone from the computer!

If you synchronize the phone with Windows 10 using the “Your Phone” application, you can access many data in your phone through your computer. Among these data, photos, messages and calling features takes place. With the Photos feature, you can transfer the photos on your phone to your computer in a simple and practical way.

In addition to this, with the messages feature, messages can see and these messages without the need for a phone you can answer. In this way Alive as you can follow.

Now if you wish Windows 10 phone add contacts Let’s leave it alone with our video. Have a good time.

How to install the Windows 10 Your Phone app?

To synchronize the phone with Windows 10, you must first install it to your Windows 10 computer.Your phoneYou need to install the ”application. You can download this app from Microsoft Store or to this link You can download it by clicking.

After installing the “Your Phone” application on your computer, the necessary steps for your phone will also be described to you. The action you need to do is to send “Telephone Your companion“Or Microsoft Edge You will download the application.

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