We installed a system with RTX 3060 in the office!

We installed a system with RTX 3060 in the office!

Adding the rising prices due to the exchange rate, hardware stock shortages and other things, computer building has become a difficult and lengthy process in terms of both cost and availability. We also installed the RTX 3060 system in the office, which will relax the hands of the players!

We switched to the system with RTX 3060

Global hardware supply difficulties are tying those who want to build a PC. Bringing together at least 5 different components in harmony is more difficult than usual at this time. We explained our new system with RTX 3060, which is specially produced for gamers who cannot find a graphics card due to crypto money winners. Have a good time.

To purchase the Game Garage Mastory RTX3060 system: https://bit.ly/2PNCNVw

As for the system features we collect, Biostar B460GTQ DDR4 S+V+GL 1200p Anakart became our first main equipment. This motherboard supports 10th Gen Intel LGA1200 socketed processors. Supporting maximum 128 GB DDR4 RAM, the motherboard has 6 SATA 3 (6 GB / s) connectors, 2 M2 slots, 6 USB 3.2 Gen 1 and 6 USB 2.0 ports.

6 cores with 12 threads on the processor side Intel Core i5 10600KF took place in our system. The processor produced by Intel’s 14 nm architecture is at the base frequency 4.10 GHz, also with overclocking 4.80 GHz can offer speed.

In the system 8 GB Crucial Ballistix 3000 MHz DDR4 RAM’i we preferred. You can make memory and other hardware upgrades according to your needs from the customization page, which you can access from the purchase link.

Game Garaj Mastory 5T10-RTX3060 The technical features are as follows:

Motherboard: Biostar B460GTQ DDR4 S+V+GL 1200p
– Processor: Intel Core i5 10600KF
– Memory: Crucial Ballistix 8 GB 3000 MHz DDR4
– Storage: Kingston A2000 500 GB M2 NVMe SSD
– Safe: DarkFlash BF1 650W 80+Br RGB Mid Tower

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