We attended the little kids' coding training in Scratch Cup 2021

We attended the little kids’ coding training in Scratch Cup 2021

Organized for the second time this year with the solution partnership of QNB Finansbank and Habitat Association Scratch Cup 2021Supports students aged 8-14 to develop games that are suitable for the theme of the competition through Scratch 3.0.

Developers who made the world beautiful at the age of 8 in Scratch Cup 2021!

in February “Find Solutions to World Problems” The Scratch Cup, organized with the theme of the Scratch Cup, helped children to use their creativity and imagination for the measures to be taken and solutions that can be found against climate change, which has threatened life on Earth since its existence. Participating in the event as a software developer, Ayhan Emre Korucu and our young editor Kerem evaluated Scratch Cup 2021. Have a good time.

Find Solutions to World Problems Participants in the contest designed projects related to the problems caused by this change, to raise awareness about climate change, and to the planet-friendly environment of their dreams. The jury evaluated the content of the story of the game in accordance with the theme of “Find a Solution to the Problems of the World”, the creativity of the general design, the solution proposal against the specified problem, and the good compilation, implementation and understandability of the codes in the program.

The project, which was implemented under the roof of Minik Eller Büyük Hayaller Corporate Social Responsibility Platform in 2015, aims to make children become producers instead of consumers in front of computers, to develop children’s creativity and computer skills, and to spread the awareness of code literacy by introducing them to programming.

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