WandaVision will say goodbye with a long episode

WandaVision will say goodbye with a long episode

Popular TV series streaming platform Disney+‘in popular series WandaVision, 9. He is preparing to say goodbye to the screens with his episode. Marvel Featuring characters and actors from the cinematic universe, the production is highly loved by the users. A part of the series whose duration is shown as the biggest shortcoming, 25-30 minutes. This period, which is quite short, is prolonged in the last part of the series.

WandaVision will make a 50-minute finale

MarvelStudiosSpoilers a named Reddit Information based on a share of the user has not been verified. However, the same account had previously made similar leaks related to the series, and these leaks were correct. The source also notes that this will be the last chapter and Chapter 10 He added that it would not be found. Unfortunately, a new season about the favorite series will not come. The production, which is planned as a mini series, follows the story after the last episode, Doctor Strange 2 will combine with.

WandaVision, Avengers: Infinity In the movie War Vision’u psychological problems after losing Of wanda It is about the events he experienced. Of Vision Unable to cope with his loss, our character creates his own little world by creating a force field. Somehow here Vision resuscitated Wanda, He lives a life like in the old American TV series. Westview Our characters, who are trying to live happily in the town named, have to fight with enemies both inside and outside their town.


Starring roles Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’nin the production he portrayed was highly appreciated. Especially, people who could not go to the movies during the pandemic period would fulfill their longings for these characters with this series. Netflix’i Disney +, who wants to dethrone, is planning to stir up the competition with this kind of content.

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