WandaVision finale was on the agenda in social media

WandaVision finale was on the agenda in social media

Comic book adaptation series WandaVision the finale took place with the 9th episode. The series, which is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, said goodbye to the audience with its movie-like episode and became the agenda of social media. On the other hand When is WandaVision season 2 The question is puzzling the minds of the audience.

WandaVision shook Twitter with its finale

Marvel Cinematic Universe We often saw the origin story of their characters on the big screen. However, this situation Wanda Maximoff It was different for (Scarlet Witch). Wanda’s story, Disney PlusIt was presented to the audience with a series published in.

WandaVision finals While it was made with the 9th episode, there were thousands of posts about the subject on Twitter. Marvel fans announced their views on the series on social media. You can see some of the reactions on Twitter below. (Warning: Posts have SPOILERS)

When is WandaVision season 2?

Another question mark for the series on Twitter’s agenda was the second season. However, the answer to this question will upset those who love the show. Lead author of WandaVision Jac Schaeffermade a statement about the second season of the series. Schaeffer stated that the final episode of the series will satisfy the audience and the series will be completed.

Starting from this explanation, WandaVision 2. season will not happen. In addition, it was previously announced that the production was designed as a mini-series.

What is WandaVision about?

WandaVision, Avengers: Infinity In the movie War Vision’u psychological problems after losing Of wanda It is about the events he experienced. Of Vision Unable to cope with his loss, our character creates his own small world by creating a force field. Somehow here Vision resuscitated Wanda, He lives a life like in the old American TV series. Westview Our characters, who are trying to live happily in the town named, have to fight with enemies both inside and outside their town.

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