Volvo prepares for radical change

Volvo prepares for radical change

Volvo, 2030 completely up to electric to become andonline car plans to sell. Swedish car manufacturer, 2030 until gasoline and diesel announced that it will end engine sales earlier than other major automakers and switch to selling fully electric cars. In addition, the company wants to develop direct relationships with customers and eliminate swaps. Volvo has to close its dealers for this and EV plans to bring their sales online.

Volvo VNR Electric introduced! Here are the features

Volvo interesting 2030 plan: showrooms will close

2025 fleet until 50 percentPlanning to make its’ fully electric, Volvo 2030in this value 100 percentaims to take it out to.

The company stated that the internal combustion vehicle market is contracting. “to a certain conclusion” Henrik Green, chief technology officer, “Cars with internal combustion engines do not have a long-term future. We are determined to be an electric car manufacturer only, and the transition must happen by 2030.” said.

In the new era of Volvo, customers, whether at home or in the showroom, website will be able to buy cars through. Volvo Studios and you will be able to see and learn about the vehicles in their showrooms. In addition, these vehicles will be redesigned to handle deliveries and services.

In addition to the Volvo 2030 for its vehicles of the road map also explained a part of it.

With first EV XC40 RechargeAfter launching its second 40 Series-based EV Recharge The automaker, which will introduce at the event, will release a few more models “in the coming years. Volvo is thought to follow the path of Tesla, which has no dealership and has an all-electric range.

Ford, on the other hand, 2030 plans to eliminate gas engines by the year. But GM only 2035 He stated that he will sell EVs all over the world until the year. Meanwhile, EU rival Volkswagen, 2025 until 1.5 million Promised to produce EV. Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to produce six fully electric cars in the next few years.

Finally, Volvo will soon realize Recharge The second electric car is expected to be announced at the event.

How did you find the future plans of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo in changing world conditions? Do you think it can achieve what it promises? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

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