Verizon's 5G statement that drew backlash

Verizon’s 5G statement that drew backlash

With a post on Twitter on Sunday, Verizon 5GHe stated that they should close. The Verge detected by Tweetaccording to Verizon Wireless CScustomers are experiencing more battery consumption than usual LTEHe stated that they should open.

Verizon deleted the backlash Tweet

As Verge stated, the tweet prompted customers to turn off next-generation connectivity support on phones with 5G connection support. Considering Verizon’s major contribution to 5G, this was met with criticism.

Verizon tweeted Noticed your battery draining faster than normal? One way to help preserve battery life is to turn LTE on. Go to Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Voice & Data and tap LTE. ” shared his note.

A user on Twitter pointed out this irony. Verizon responded to the user but didn’t address the previous battery recommendation. Instead, the company chose to talk about 5G speeds. LTEThe original tweet about conserving battery life by switching to was deleted.

It is not yet known for what purpose Verizon posted such a Tweet. In addition, the company’s subsequent removal of this share was welcomed by its followers interesting.

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