Unexpected error on Instagram, users are confused!

Unexpected error on Instagram, users are confused!

One bug added more people to Instagram’s testing program. Social media platform today “involuntarily“hid likes for more people. In 2019, Instagram users saw in others”Liking“Announced that it has started a test to hide its numbers. Despite a long time, this test is still ongoing. However, there were not many updates or extensions for the feature.

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Instagram fixed the error in no time

While the status of the feature remains unclear, many Instagram users in the US today are now “Liking“He got a notification that they can’t see their number.

Despite the fact that users experienced such a situation without any official announcement, the social media platform told Engadget that what is happening today is a mistake. Then in a Tweet on the topic “Today we unwittingly added more people to the test” said. BIt is stated to the users who receive the message today that this change will return to normal soon.

Social media platform Instagram Comms’ Twitter account Tweet‘to We’re testing a new experience to hide likes in feed posts. Today we unintentionally added more people to the test, and that was a mistake – we’re fixing this problem and restoring similar numbers to those people as soon as possible. ” shared his note.

The social media platform, which posted another Tweet after the passage of time, stated that the error was fixed. Platform, This issue has now been fixed. Pull down to refresh your feed and your likes should be restored Thanks for your patience! “ said.

https://twitter.com/InstagramComms/status/1366981083040911365?s=20 There is no clear information that the error has been fixed for all users with the problem. With the explanation of Instagram, it is predicted that the related errors will gradually improve.

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