Unexpected attack on Acer: they want $ 50 million

Unexpected attack on Acer: they want $ 50 million

Of Acer’s 50 million dollars A ransomware attack has been reported. It focuses on the possibility that the attackers may have used a Microsoft Exchange vulnerability to break into the company’s systems.

Bleeping Computer, The Record and according to other sources REvil The ransomware gang demands $ 50 million from Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer.

Although the attack is not the biggest attack to date, it is stated that it is one of the serious ransomware demands. Also, the attack will be on Acer’s fourth quarter of 2020. 3 billion dollars It is thought to have been built because it was a huge company reporting earnings.

Last year Travelexto 6 million dollars The group behind the ransomware attack reportedly hacked Acer on a web portal earlier this week, with some images for evidence.

According to the information revealed, the attacking group wanted the company to make a payment before leaking the stolen data to the internet. 28 MartHe gave a time until. also REvil and Bleeping Computer In the conversation between the group and an Acer representative, hackers will 20 percent claiming a discount offer.

Acer data leak on REvil ransomware site

Attacked AcerWhen asked about the situation, the tech company denied it was a ransomware attack. Company only to Bleeping Computer “Reported recently observed anomalies to the relevant law enforcement and data protection authorities in multiple countries” stated.

In addition, the security breach is a Microsoft Exchange attributing to the vulnerability, Advanced Intel‘in Andariel cyber intelligence Let’s mention that it is a platform.

If you remember, Microsoft four recently abused by bad actors Exchange released a patch for the vulnerability. It is believed that a Chinese government-sponsored organization was behind most of the attacks involving stock market flaws, but other groups may have benefited from it as well.

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