Ukraine becomes the first country to adopt e-identity application

Ukraine becomes the first country to adopt e-identity application

Ukraine, from 23 August “DiiaWith the application named “”e-identity“Is going to the system. In this way, it will eliminate the obligation of its citizens to carry an identity card.

Ukraine is the first in the world with its e-identity application. All credentials of people will be added to the system in this application called Diia. Citizens will have the opportunity to carry their credentials on their phones with this application they have installed on their smartphones.

Ukraine switches to e-identity system with Diia application

Ukraine has put the E-ID application into practice for the first time in the world and legalized the “e-ID” application, which will be expressed with numerical codes through an application downloaded to smart phones. Countrywide 23 Aug Citizens can use the “Diia” application to download to their smartphones.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy on this issue said:Ukraine became the first country in the world to legalize this practice. Thanks to those who contributed”Made the statement.

Mikhail Fedeorov, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and also Minister of Digital Transformation, said, “The application, which is no different from paper documents and becomes legitimate, will be available from 23 August. It is enough to carry a smartphone to take advantage of this service. We did something unique in the world. We need to be proud of it” said.


Ukraine is switching to the e-identity system with the Diia application as of August 23.

Thanks to the Diia application, Ukrainians, who will carry their identities on their smartphones, will be able to perform all their official and personal transactions across the country via E-ID. Thanks to this application, citizens will not need to carry an identity card.

The e-identity application is seen as a system that can be implemented in other countries as an application that can be encountered in the future. Turkey can be accessed from a single point of information and documents with our e-government applications in this regard, it is provided an opportunity to implement rapidly our application process. It was a matter of curiosity whether a similar application would be implemented in our country.

Thanks to such technological developments, applications that make our lives easier make users happy. So how do you think Turkey will look forward to your ideas if I did the transition to the e-ID system.

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