Uber takes another step for autonomous delivery division

Uber takes another step for autonomous delivery division

Uber, Postmates‘in autonomous deliveryt part Serve Robotics it turns into a separate initiative called.

As you may rememberThe company launched Postmates last year 2.65 billion dollars when he bought it, he also took over the unit. According to Bloomberg, Uber, the company Serve RoboticsTo be a minority stakeholder in Series A approximate to the financing tour 50 million dollars will invest.

Uber aims to become more profitable by the end of the year

The new agency will operate independently from its old parent company. However, it will maintain a close relationship with the company through a partnership that will see sidewalk robots deliver food and other essential supplies to Uber customers.

Serve, in the near future TechCrunchwhile trying to establish new partnerships Ar-GeHe explained his plans to aggressively invest in.

In this context Serve Robotics co-founder and CEO Kashani, “Self-driving cars lift the driver, while robotic delivery eliminates the car. It makes deliveries sustainable and accessible to all. In the next two decades, new mobility robots will enter every aspect of our lives, first moving food, then everything else. “ said.

New company, Postmates XIt will be led by Ali Kashani, the head of the company. Among other founders PostmatesDmitry Demeshchuk, the first engineer to join the Serve team at Anki, and formerly leading the product at Anki MJ Chun takes place.

Serve Robotics

Company headquarters San Franciscoin and offices The Angels and Vancouver, CanadaIt will be operational with 60 employees in.

Ali Kashani, CEO of Serve Robotics, who also made a statement to Bloomberg within the same scope; “In the next five years, delivery robots will be the first commercial application of self-driving at scale” said.

The step taken, Uberat the time of trying to become profitable by the end of the year. CEO Dara KhosrowshahiIn pursuit of this goal, the company shattered the company’s once-far-reaching empire. At the end of last year, Uber sold both its driverless unit and its air taxi business. More recently, the company at Postmates 185 people or the company’s workforce 15 percent‘he fired.

The company’s mission of designing, developing and operating delivery robots that specialize in navigating sidewalks is expected to continue, albeit with an expansion point of view.

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