Two more 'giants' caught in the Clubhouse wind

Two more ‘giants’ caught in the Clubhouse wind

Interest of social media companies, 8 million monthly active users above the Clubhouse application reaching. The first competitor to the platform that allows users to communicate via voice chat rooms came from Twitter. It is known that Instagram and TikTok have also developed the voice rooms feature. Now, Facebook and Telegram are caught up in the Clubhouse wind.

A competitor to the Clubhouse is from Facebook!

Application developer Alessandro Paluzziexamined Facebook’s source codes using reverse engineering method. Paluzzi, coming soon to the platform Create voice chat rooms the future of the feature conveyed. Paluzzi, who also shared a screenshot, stated that the feature is in an early development stage.

Facebook’s voice chat feature can be activated directly from the mobile application. Each room will have a private link and it will be possible to share this link on Messenger or in other groups. In addition, Facebook, the room we created in the news feed to announce as a post will also allow. Thus, we will be able to invite our friends as participants. However, it is currently unknown how many participants Facebook will allow at most.

Facebook shining star in the distance education process Zoom’a also became a rival. Up to 50 people The platform, which gives the right to create a video chat room with the participant, has also integrated this feature with Instagram and WhatsApp.

Telegram’s feature in use

Popular instant messaging platform Telegram is one of the applications caught up in the Clubhouse wind. The voice chat feature, which is currently in beta in the application, is compatible with users’ personal profiles. channel allows them to create. You can add your friends as participants, thanks to the invitation link specially determined for each channel.

In addition, the application has a feature that makes it possible to record your voice in the channel. In this way, you can share your conversations as files.

Telegram v7.6 beta You can try the voice chat feature by installing the version. In the coming days, the feature is expected to be available to all users.

Working with invitation system Clubhouseis currently only available on iPhone. The platform does not have Android application support yet. Hence Facebook ve Telegram Whichever of the two acts sooner to bring this project to life, the users who are waiting for the voice chat feature on Android will largely win.

How do you evaluate the influence of social media giants by the Clubhouse application? Do you think this trend holds? You can write your opinion in the comments.

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