Turkish TV series and movies abroad: Dramax started broadcasting

Turkish TV series and movies abroad: Dramax started broadcasting

who owns some of the largest media and press organizations in Turkey Demirören Holdingwill export all local TV series, movies and other contents that have been shot recently and will be shot in the future with dubbing and subtitle options. Dramax introduced the platform.

While it is stated that the success in rating of domestic TV series abroad will make the platform even more valuable, Arabic, Spanish and Russian It is expected to be successful in countries whose languages ​​are used.

Dramax with YouTube model started broadcasting

Dramax, where all the old series and movies that have been popular on Turkish televisions until now, productions that have been released due to ratings after a few episodes and all other content will be presented in digital environment, aims to reach a large audience with dubbing and subtitle options.

Another remarkable detail in the platform introduction was the operating mechanism. While companies that want to rent their content to this platform do not pay an entry / rental fee, the rights holders will be paid from the amounts determined according to the income from subscriptions and the ratings of the content. Content owners will be able to see how long the TV series and movies are watched and other statistics just like on the YouTube panel.

Dramax platform’s single package price is $ 4.99 and the family package is $ 8.99. As the company explains, it is worth noting that the Dramax platform is only overseas oriented.

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