Tom Cruise's deepfake video made people nervous

Tom Cruise’s deepfake video made people nervous

Go viral lately Tom Cruise deepfake videosu Although it seemed fun to many people at first, this point of technology scared people. Many internet users worried that their images could be misused in the near future.

Famous actor who starred in many award-winning films throughout his career Tom Cruise, this week for the first time TikTok He appeared before his fans in his video. The actor who spoke in front of the cameras was interestingly Bitcoin made the presentation. In another video golf while playing, in another Mikhail Gorbachev He talked about meeting with. Even the place has come magic tricks made…

But to be honest, that person you saw on TikTok all week was not Tom Cruise. It was a very professional deepfake video that looked exactly like him. Developing steadily for years deepfake technology especially with these latest videos, it started to scare people even more. It is thought that this kind of software can create crises in many areas of life, especially in politics. Even diplomatic problems may occur in this area, thanks to malicious people.

The creator of the Tom Cruise video says there is nothing to fear

Belgian VFX expert Chris Umeis the creator of all these deepfake Tom Cruise videos… He shared his experiences in his professional career over the years on social media through funny short videos. Ultimately, the artist soon became the center of attention of the whole world.

Young content producer, these videos viewed by tens of millions of people CGI and VFXHe said that he prepared it by combining it with deepfake technology. He expressed that there were no glitches and slippage problems in this way. Saying that his dream is to have fun and raise awareness, the artist added that he fulfilled his purpose.

Chris Ume also said a few sentences about people’s legitimate concerns. Creative editor, deepfake method Photoshop identified with. The Verge Speaking to the platform, “20 years ago, people didn’t know what photo editing was, and now they quickly realize it’s a fraud., ”He stated that there is nothing to be afraid of.

But what do you think about deepfake technology and the potential dangers this technology can pose? You can share your ideas with us.

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