TOGG range increased by 25 percent

TOGG range increased by 25 percent

Continuing its works for domestic electric car production at full speed Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group (TOGG) There has been an important development on the side. Collaborating with TOGG Farasisenergy density 330 Wh/kgdeveloped and successfully approved the next generation EV battery cells.

Farasis, the range of electric cars thanks to 4th generation battery cell technology 25 percent has increased. also 80 percentcharging time up to 20 minutesIt is lowering under. If the battery life 1 million kmIt was stated that it was above.

TOGG has made a significant improvement in its battery in cooperation with Farasis

TOGG ”Farasis, one of the leading companies in the world in li-ion technology, has raised the bar in battery technology. ” tweet’i announced this development with.

Farasis CTO, Dr. Keith Kepler regarding this development ”We are delighted to be able to present the certified results of our recent development work. Thanks to our competent research and development team, it now provides our customers with an increased energy density of over 25 percent compared to the current situation and the ability to quickly recharge in less than 20 minutes.”Used expressions.


Farasis has developed a new generation of EV battery cells with an energy density of more than 330 Wh / kg.

With a battery life of up to 1 million km, Farasis is able to offer significantly improved ecological batteries, especially compared to internal combustion engines, as well as a global commitment to sustainability.

Thanks to the 4th generation battery cells -20°C even at temperatures 90 percent The use of this technology is allowed in all regions by providing stable performance in all environmental conditions with the capacity and capacity.


Innovations brought by the 4th generation battery

When asked when the technology will be available to end customers, Sebestian Wolf said, “Our current 4th generation technology attracts great attention from our customers and we started the first application projects.”Made the statement. New technology seems to be on the streets soon.

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