Tinder gets criminal record viewing feature!

Tinder gets criminal record viewing feature!

Popular matchmaking service Tinder announced that it will add a new security option soon. The platform is connected Match Group company will open users’ criminal history of violence and harassment to matched profiles.

Match Group, which prioritizes user safety, will soon offer options for background controls to all its applications. To Garbo, a nonprofit organization Announcing its investment, the company was the first to Tinder ‘and will start. Subsequently, it will begin to distribute the criminal record query feature to other services.

Tinder will be safer with Garbo support

It is now becoming much more evident what kind of person the people chatted with on Tinder. Garbo support thanks to the platform records of arrest, a history of abuse or violence Will be able to examine such details. So that against potential dangers users will be protected to a certain extent. At least the application will warn its user about this. Of course, continuing to communicate with people with a dark record is still up to users.


Tinder is working on a new feature focused on security.

However, Garbo will not open some crimes to everyone. The organization published a blog post last month, on of drug possession charges He had stated that it would not be reflected in the public. “An active stance against equalityHe refers to this privilege shared with the slogan, that blacks are subject to more accusation on these issues than white individuals. Other than that in Garbo traffic violations however, it cannot be viewed by everyone.

Tinder’s criminal record feature will be released for a fee

Although the Garbo innovation has excited many Tinder users, this feature will be offered for a fee has been learned. But Match company, so that everyone can benefit from this function an affordable price will determine. Still, it remains unclear for now whether it will come with a subscription package or sell as an extra feature.

Tinder’s Garbo feature will be tested very soon. The developer team will integrate Garbo into other applications of the parent company in the future. So soon OkCupid, Hinge and MatchIt will be possible to view the registry record in.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Tinder will not share user data with Garbo with its new feature. At least, the platform will continue to prioritize user privacy.

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