The winner in the Xiaomi-USA case has been determined

The winner in the Xiaomi-USA case has been determined

While the harsh embargo imposed by the USA on Huawei is still in effect, the old US President Donald Trump, Chinese company Xiaomi’nin He announced in January that he was added to the black list.

US President Trump, Xiaomi’yi Relationship with the Chinese army due to blacklisted added, the company denied these allegations by making a counter statement. The court decision announced the other day resulted in favor of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi won the case filed by the USA

In the last days of the Trump administration, the Department of Defense added Xiaomi to the list of companies allegedly linked to the Chinese military and imposed fiscal restrictions scheduled to take effect next week. However, yesterday, US District Judge Rudolph Contreras decided that the relevant decision was taken arbitrarily. Thus, Xiaomi’s ban was temporarily suspended in a lawsuit that deprived the company of legal action rights.

Xiaomi ABD

Contreras said Xiaomi could revoke the ban completely as the case progresses. It also issued orders to prevent the company from suffering “irreparable damages”. After the ban was announced, the smartphone maker faced the possibility of being delisted from US stock exchanges and being deleted from global benchmark indices.

According to the statement made by Xiaomi, it was announced that the court would be requested to declare its connection with the military illegal and to permanently abolish the appointment.

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