The Voice of YouTubers Rode Wireless Go II review

The Voice of YouTubers Rode Wireless Go II review

Especially YouTube creators New member of the Rode Wireless Go series preferred by Rode Wireless Go II We examined the model.

Rode Wireless Go II features

Compact wireless microphone set The new model of the Rode Wireless Go series was introduced. The model called Wireless Go II is for two separate sources. dual channel recording It draws attention with its feature.

Thanks to the new technology developed, which has become more stable in wireless communication and long range There are 2 transmitters and 1 receiver in the box of the model that we see with.

Users can use transmitters that have a built-in microphone. 3.5mm jack input Thanks to it, it can also attach an external microphone. Receiver capable of dual channel recording from both transmitters, Type-C It can transmit the audio recording to the phone or computer.

The battery of the new model is approximately 7 hours of use It also provides the opportunity to store multi-channel recording separately for post production. The device, which offers an extended range of up to 200 meters, thanks to its internal recording feature Records up to 24 hours It can store without the need for an SD card.

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