The system that remotely solves internet problems at home!

The system that remotely solves internet problems at home!

Our internet usage has increased considerably these days when we stayed at home. Both our infrastructure and internet needs cause us to be selective about the package we will use.

Have internet in 2 days with Vodafone Home Internet

Vodafone Home Internet enables the user to get the maximum efficiency with the advantageous packages it offers. Depending on the province and district you live in, all your internet connection transactions are completed in just 2 days and you can have high speed internet with Vodafone quality.

To access Vodafone Home Internet packages and prices:

Moreover, you can follow the whole installation process step by step! In order to prevent unwanted and untimely developing situations, with Vodafone Instant Installation Team Tracking, you can see the location of the team that will come to your home to complete your internet setup, and prepare yourself and your environment.

Vodafone, which brings uninterrupted internet to your home within 2 days, also cares about your health. It offers visual technical support service as a faster and non-contact solution method for technical problems experienced by customers in order to protect against coronavirus. Thanks to this service, the customer representative can check the modem and the devices connected to the modem visually and provide solutions quickly.

Vodafone Instant Installation Team Tracking service is currently only available to xDSL and RedBox customers. The Visual Technical Support service is offered to all customers who request or require video communication from the customer representative, independent of the package.

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