The restriction was not enough: Russia's ultimatum to Twitter

The restriction was not enough: Russia’s ultimatum to Twitter

Russia, Twitter for blocking threat came up with. Russia has previously decided to restrict the social media platform. However, according to information based on Russian officials, Twitter does not want to sit at the table with Russia. Russia has taken steps to restrict Twitter from removing illegal content. However, the decision taken by Twitter was reflected in the news it continued.

On March 10, the Russian Communications Corporation Roskomnadzor announced that Twitter slowed down its pace. Then came the threat that Twitter could be banned completely. After Twitter did not respond to this statement, Russia gave an ultimatum.

Threat from Russia to block Twitter

There was a threat from Russia to block Twitter in the next month. Russia has requested that some content be removed, claiming that they are drugs and inappropriate content. According to the justification, content that would drive young children to suicide took place on Twitter. Again, Russia announced that it has sent more than 28 thousand requests since 2017. However, according to the new statistics, 3 thousand 168 content with inappropriate items is still not deleted from the platform.

Russia, Twitter for the threat of blocking He voiced after 9 March. The Russian side reported content that invited children to protests against the imprisonment of Russian dissident Alexei Navalny on March 9. The crisis grew between Twitter and Russia, which also did not delete these contents. Afterwards, it was asked to remove the content from Twitter, showing the reason that there were inappropriate content.

russia twitter blocking threat

After the decision to tighten the pace, Russian authorities are ready to take a harder step. Russian news agents shared that Russia will block Twitter without a court order. The sources wrote that this information was told by Vadim Subbotin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Communications Oversight Board.

Twitter made a statement about Russia’s requests. Twitter announced that it has zero tolerance for child abuse. It was also underlined that content promoting suicide and self-harm is against the Twitter Rules. Twitter announced that it does not allow such content. Additionally, Twitter advocated the ‘Open Internet’ around the world. Twitter added that it is concerned about increasing attempts to block and restrict online public chats.

Apple also threatened to leave the country by not being able to deal with Russia. However, according to the news that came during the day (Tuesday), Apple reached an agreement with Russia.

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