The Indian government is banned from cryptocurrencies!

The Indian government is banned from cryptocurrencies!

Indian government will ban cryptocurrencies it turned out that he was working on a bill. In the details of the offer, these investors also will be fined learned.

The allegations are made by Reuters, a trusted news agent. The company regarding the law proposal that the Indian government is working on, with a senior government official held a meeting. Draft to be officially announced soon owning, exporting, mining, trading and all kinds of transfers of crypto assets crime counter information was leaked.

Cryptocurrency investments to be banned by law in India

Of india crypto coins The fact that he would impose such a harsh sanction for him had a great impact on social media. Experts are the government’s controversial decision to implement such currencies. Regarding variable value structure They claimed that they took. Could cause major financial ruins for investors This is why the cryptocurrency market may be banned, according to economists.

There is no shared data about the number of cryptocurrency investors in India and the financial value of these investments. However, according to industry experts more than eight million investors, here hundred million pounds has deposited. Although a widespread opinion circulating on social media suggests that the government will confiscate all of this money, there is no truth to these allegations. If the bill is approved by the parliament, at worst, these investors financial penalty will be imposed That being said.

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Senior government official ReutersIf the draft law is approved according to the information transferred to cryptocurrency investors a period of six months will be recognized. During this time, investors liquidation of virtual assets able to. However, people who continue to hold virtual currencies after the specified period will be punished.

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