The great danger that awaits LG mobile users!

The great danger that awaits LG mobile users!

South Korean tech giant LGwill allegedly be completely withdrawn from the mobile industry. The company that has suffered great losses in the last few years, smart phone It will give weight to other departments by quitting its production.

LG to end phone production in April

A recent to report by LG, making an official statement next week Engagement will announce that it will withdraw from the market in February. Previously, many news related to this issue had come up again. At that time, the company; He had made an official announcement that he was going to sell or downsize the mobile unit. But now he has given up on this and decided to terminate the department altogether. So what will happen if the Korean firm pulls out of the market?

If LG leaves the mobile industry, the workers in the phone field will move to the company’s other factory in Changwon. This factory, which produces household appliances, will host the workers involved in telephone production. However, the fact that all this will happen will completely put the security of existing users at risk.

No updates will be offered to existing users

Searching for blood with interesting phones before LG company Rollable and Wing It appeared with such devices. These phones, which appeal to users with high prices, unfortunately, did not receive much attention from customers. The company, which was disappointed because of this, made a new decision and stopped the production of the foldable screen phone it was working on.

Leaker Tron A new leak from someone named reveals that the Korean firm has canceled its forward plans. The company, which is said to close the mobile unit in April, has already started to terminate its current production. In addition TronPeople who are currently using LG phones also expect great risks. reported. Because the company’s exit from the mobile market shows that existing users will no longer be able to receive software updates.

Although the Korean company has pledged to offer support for software updates, it will allegedly remain a promise only on paper. Unfortunately, users will not be able to receive software updates after the company pulls out of the market and their security will be at stake.

So what do you think about these allegations? What will you do if your devices do not receive updates? You can share with us in the comments.

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