The first OLED screen Mi Notebook Pro 15 introduced!  technology news

The first OLED screen Mi Notebook Pro 15 introduced! technology news

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, It ended the product launch that it started yesterday. First with the new foldable screen Mi Mix Fold The company that introduced its model is now Mi Notebook Pro 15 announced his laptop. So what kind of features does this computer offer?

Mi Notebook Pro 15 is the first OLED screen laptop!

15,9 mm thick Mi Notebook Pro the world’s first OLED (E4) it has the title of laptop with screen. This screen Samsung Display developed by and 600 nite it offers as much brightness. It also supports resolutions up to 3.5K.

15.6 inch size laptop, With 3.5K super retina display It comes with an OLED screen. This screen, which has a resolution of 3456 x 2160 pixels, also supports 261 ultra-high PPI density.


Mi Notebook Pro 15 comes with an OLED display

With narrow bezel and full screen design My Notebook Pro stands out with its 93 percent screen / body ratio. Equipped with aluminum material, the computer has a very light structure with a weight of 1.8 kg and a thickness of 15.9 mm.

Display features of Mi Notebook Pro 15

Equipped with Thunderbolt 4 interface My Notebook Pro ; It also supports dual-channel 4K and single-channel 8K video output. At the same time, the computer 40GBps with excellent speed data transmission.

Xiaomi’s new laptop in terms of performance, MX450 supported by discrete graphics 11th generation Intel H35 powered by the chipset. On the other hand, the computer has three configurations;

i5 + 16GB + 512GB- $ 990

-i5 + 16GB + 512GB- $ 1,060

-i7 + 16GB + 512GB-$ 1,215

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