The expected 'chat handling' feature is coming to WhatsApp

The expected ‘chat handling’ feature is coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp conversations in our account Android with iOS not easy to move between devices. Although there are third-party tools that can perform this process, these applications were forcing users because they were paid and offered limited possibilities. The company has started to develop a feature that will enable users to carry their messages easily.

Moving WhatsApp messages between Android and iOS is getting easier

Pre-revealing features to come to WhatsApp WABetaInfoshared information about the new version of the application. Coming to the platform Chat migration from Android to iOS He conveyed the future of the feature. WhatsApp’s new feature will eliminate the difficulties faced by those who switch to a phone with a different operating system. Users can send their messages in WhatsApp on iPhone to Android. they can carry. Of course, the opposite will also be possible.

whatsapp chat transport android ios

WhatsApp’s new feature is in development.

WABetaInfo, who shared a screenshot relevant to the new feature, stated that this function is still under development. However, he shared the information that it will be offered to all users with the update to be published in the coming days.

Third party apps and tools are not secure

Users utilize external software to move their messages between Android and iOS. However, WhatsApp said two years ago that such software not absolutely safe had said. Also the platform Terms of ServiceHe also emphasized that he violated.

The company says that it will lead to a temporary ban of your account due to third party applications. to explain made:

WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp unsupported apps such as, or apps that claim to enable transferring WhatsApp chats between phones, changed are versions. These unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violate the Terms of Service. WhatsApp does not support these third-party applications because we cannot verify security applications. “

Multi-device support is also on the way

Transferring chats isn’t the only feature WhatsApp is working on. The company is soon into implementation multi-device support will add. Users can use WhatsApp with this feature. without internet connection They will be able to use it on their computers.

Actually WhatsApp Web Thanks to the application, it is possible to message from the computer. However, for this, our smartphone must be connected to the internet. WhatsApp cannot synchronize our messages with the computer without an internet connection. Here, multi-device support will eliminate this problem. On the phone even without internet connection WhatsApp Web can be used.

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