The exciting claim for the new Nintendo Switch

The exciting claim for the new Nintendo Switch

BloombergAccording to the news of Nintendo’s next Switch, Deep Learning Super SamplingSupporting (DLSS) NVIDIA GPUcan have. When the system that will work on the new chip is connected to a TV To 4K quality that will provide much output and also an increased CPU it is stated that it will contain increased memory.

New Switch may arrive in the 2021 holiday season

According to the previous Bloomberg report, the new generation Switch is a built-in 7 inç, 720p OLED set to have a display and 4K output. Therefore, NVIDIA’s DLSSis an upgraded version since it allows for quality 4K upscaling. NVIDIA GPUIt is not yet clear whether it will support native 4K or upscaling to a lower resolution.

In addition, the existing Switches, 1080p NVIDIA to deliver up to game quality output Tegra charts Let’s remind you use it.

Nintendo Switch may come with a 4K OLED display

Nintendo Switch

With Turing-based NVIDIA RTX 20 series GPUs 2018Introduced in, NVIDIA DLSS can increase native graphics quality by using deep learning algorithms. However, games need to use a specific code to support DLSS.

Therefore, for any new NVIDIA on-chip system, the Switch must first improve the graphics in new games, according to Bloomberg’s sources.

Launch of the upgraded Switch 2021 holiday season Reportedly planned for. According to the report, next generation consoles instead of $ 300 price $ 350 even $ 400 It may come at a higher price point like.

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