The EU steps in for the chip crisis!  Production share will increase

The EU steps in for the chip crisis! Production share will increase

Revising its plans for the chip crisis that broke out in the markets European Commission, set an ambitious goal to increase the production of state-of-the-art computer chips by the end of the decade. So that 10 percent in the EU 2020 for the chip crisis at the level of 2030 until percent He wants to increase it to the 20s.

World dependent on EU machines for chip crisis

The development came at a time when supply was unable to keep up with demand, and the shortage of supplies from car manufacturers to companies in the phone market was at its peak. On the other hand, the attempts of the USA and China to increase their dominance in the field also played an active role. Speaking on the topic European Commission vice president Margrethe Vestager, He emphasized that Europe is in a paradoxical situation where it uses most of these technologies, but produces very little. Vestager is also responsible for chip manufacturing Depends on machines manufactured in Europe underlined.


Europe is an old to the chip making industry had. However, most of the companies opted to outsource their production. State-of-the-art fabrication facilities quite expensive Considering that and the USA Semiconductor Industry Association According to the report published by (SIA) last year, the establishment of a large facility 20 billion can keep dollars. It may take many years for these facilities to make a profit.

The new goal of the EU in all these matters, Digital Compass 2030 It was described in a broad plan called. The plan includes the development and development of the first quantum accelerated computer by 2025. gigabit accessing internet speeds and employing ten million IT professionals.

Among the most important concerns of the Union is seen as what kind of effect the two superpowers will be exposed to in the trade war. For Trump management, products in silicon sheets transistors a Dutch company that uses special light to engrave ASML’nin the most advanced machines Of china from chip manufacturers SMIC’ye prevented him from exporting.

Source: BBC

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