The domestic rocket passed the first test in the National Space Program: Here are the images- SDN

The domestic rocket passed the first test in the National Space Program: Here are the images- SDN

Turkey Space Agencyshared a Turkish flag in a smoky area to Twitter followers last night. In the post “What do you think this could be?” The answer to the question is today Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varankcame from. This shared by Turkey, National Space Program indeed, he fired the first fuse.

Big leap for the national rocket motor from DeltaV

Turkey Space Agency interesting post by last night, Varank, Minister of Industry and TechnologyHe gave a humorous answer: “Again, the fires are me again.” In fact, this sharing gave an important clue for domestic rocket experiments.

In the Twitter post made by Minister Varank today, the first images of the domestic rocket experiment appeared. According to this share, the first attempt of the domestic rocket engine was successful.

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Turkey, National Space Programfor the main rocket that will cross the space boundary, although it will do it by its own means. SpaceX or From the Russian Soyuz rocket will take power. Tried by DeltaV national rocket will take action after the earth orbit.

In order to reach the space limit, rocket technology, which we call heavy rocket, comes into play. Today, many countries, especially in satellite launches, to reach this limit. Rus Soyuz takes advantage of heavy rockets. SpaceX, on the other hand, made history as the first private company to develop heavy rocket.

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Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank posing before the national rocket is called

National Space Program Last month, President Erdogan announced a calendar with 2023 as the first goal. After this statement, Industry Minister Varank introduced the national rocket engine of DeltaV. This engine will make a hard landing on the lunar surface in 2023. to our national rocket will give power.

National Space Program and its goals

– Turkey, namely the 2023 national and local hybrid rocket 100th anniversary of the Republic He will go to the moon. After that, the second phase will take place in 2028 and a soft landing will take place.

– The new generation of satellite development in terms of Turkey, will develop a new brand that would compete with the world.

– Turkey belong to him regional timing system will improve.

– Turkey to become an independent power in space, Space Port operation will establish.

Space weather (meteorology) will make investments for new studies.

– Turkey, will record all objects in space and to build telescopes will be able to follow.

Space industry ecosystem will develop further.

– Turkey under the program, hosted by the Stanford University space technology development zone will establish.

– Turkey, Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the space sector with the contribution an efficient and competent human resources to develop and grow.

– A Turkish citizen will go to space.

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