The domestic missile engine broke the world record!

The domestic missile engine broke the world record!

Turkey’s first domestic medium-range anti-ship missile developed in parallel with turbojet engines in its class tests during TJ300 broke the world record. The Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced the good news on his Twitter account.

Mustafa Varank, “developed with the support of TUBITAK, Turkey’s first Medium Range Missile Engine TEI-TJ300, class of 1342, reaching 240mm in diameter with a thrust broke the world record. TEI-TJ300; It can be applied to air, naval and land defense systems. ” said.

TJ300 turbojet engine, whose development process continues at TEI’s Eski┼čehir facilities, was fired for the first time in February 2020 and operated successfully. It was already ahead of other engines in the world with its 240 mm diameter performance. While 1300 Newton thrust is aimed in the engine, which is still being tested, it is seen that 1342 Newton thrust has been reached.

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