The Clubhouse app comes to Android!  Here is the date

The Clubhouse app comes to Android! Here is the date

The expected date for the Clubhouse Android version has been revealed. Company co-founder Paul Davison made important statements for the application that makes a difference with voice chat rooms. The version still under development is expected to arrive in the summer.

When is Clubhouse coming to Android?

The explanation that millions of Android users have been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived. The first statement from the company was when the Android version will be released.

The company’s co-founder Paul Davison stated that they are working hard on this issue. Paul Davison announced that Cluphouse will be available to Android users within a few months. According to this statement, it means that Cluphouse will meet Android users at the end of spring or early summer.

The application, which multiplies its value with its rapidly increasing popularity during the pandemic period, is among the most downloaded applications in the App Store.
Seeing this shortcoming of Android users, Twitter will try to take advantage of this shortcoming with its Twitter Spaces feature by holding its hand quickly.
Twitter’s Spaces feature will take its place on the digital platform in April. With this feature, Clubhouse aims to be a rival.

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