The best player seats: Here are the models below TL 2,000

The best player seats: Here are the models below TL 2,000

Computer at the beginning spending too much time The seat is very important for the comfort of the players. There are many options for players on the market as well. Hence it can be difficult to choose. Therefore, for you under 2,000 TL best player seats We prepared a list.

Before choosing among the products we have compiled, What should be considered when buying a gaming chair? We also mentioned.

What should be considered when buying a player seat?

As in every product group, it is necessary to pay attention to some points when choosing between player seats. In addition to comfort, attention should be paid to details in seat selection, which is also important for spinal health. Wrong choice can cause discomfort such as posture disorder and hernia.

First of all, it is necessary to look at whether the seat is ergonomic or not. In this context, the seat height should be adjusted according to the height of the person and factors such as lumbar support should not be ignored. You should also choose the general structure of the product according to your sitting style.

Another important criterion for the gaming chair is its ‘adjustable’ functions. In particular, players get a more comfortable and healthy experience by adjusting their arm supports. Our list of best player seats for less than 2,000 TL is mainly composed of products with this feature.

The quality of the material should not be missed. The hydraulics of the product must be strong and chrome feet provide an advantage in terms of durability. On the other hand, fabrics that do not sweat will increase your comfort. However, with affordable products, material quality is often compromised.

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Best player seats: models under TL 2,000

We tried to include budget-friendly products in our list. However, as comfort and material quality are prominent in player seats, we have determined a small number of alternatives below 1,000 TL. If you wish, let’s take a look at the products in our compilation.

1 – Xdrive 15 pcs Professional Gaming Chair

We have included one of the price performance products of the brand Xdrive, which is popular with its gaming chairs. The seat for professional gamers has lumbar and neck support. In addition, there is an extra soft sponge in the seating part of the product.

Xdrive 15-Piece Professional Gaming Chair

The seat also draws attention on the material side. The brand states that it uses specially designed wheels for the product that comes with metal legs. The seat’s shock absorber appears with the 4 Class system. This shock absorber, which meets world standards, also gives confidence in durability.

Features such as 2D (up-down and rotating) moving armrests, 170 degrees of the backrest also highlight the seat in terms of comfort.

Armchair; It has a height of 141 cm, a depth of 48 cm and a width of 45 cm. According to the brand; users must have a maximum height of 1.80 and a weight of 100 kg.

2 – Rampage KL-R40 Throne

Rampage, which is popular with its player equipment, has options that attract attention in the player chair group.

In the seat that comes with a polyurethane back and seating surface; There are 3D moving armrests, 135 degrees reclining mechanism. In addition, lumbar and back support makes the seat advantageous in terms of comfort.

Rampage KL-R40 Throne

The product, which comes with a 3 Class shock absorber, has a polyamide solid foot. In addition, the brand states that the seat can carry up to 120 kilograms.

Ramage KL-40R Throne with a height of 138 cm; It is 70 cm wide and 45 cm deep. In addition, the company explains that the seat should be used by persons with a maximum height of 180 cm and weight of 120 kilograms.

3 – Seduna Gamer Series Blade Mood

We also included Seduna’s product, which stands out with its current price, in our list of the best player seats under 2,000 TL. The seat with waist and neck support promises comfort with its movable armrests and adjustable back. In addition, Seduna Blade Mood has anti-bacterial artificial leather.

The best gaming seats

Seduna Gamer Series Blade Mood

In terms of durability, the seat has reassuring features. First of all, the metal foot section and the 4 Class shock absorbers stand out in this context.

Product dimensions are; It is 133 cm high, 71 cm wide and 65 cm deep.

4 – XPrime King Fabric

Another product in our collection is XPrime King Fabric. The product, which fits the general design line of the player chairs, stands out with its ‘sweat-free’ structure. Thanks to the Euro Net Fabric on the seat and back of the seat, the product prevents users from sweating.

In addition to waist and back support, the product comes out with its orthopedic structure. We see these features in all of the products in our list of best player seats under 2,000 TL.

XPrime King Fabric

XPrime states that its seat with chrome legs has come to the liking of consumers with its shock absorber in European standards. Also, according to the brand, the maximum carrying capacity of the product is 120 kilograms.

Armchair; It is 138 cm high, 70 cm wide and 74 cm deep.

5 – Xdrive Mediterranean

Another Xdrive product in our compilation of the best gaming seats is the Mediterranean model. The product with 3D movable armrests stands out on the comfort side with its waist and neck support. The 170 degree back inclination also makes the product useful.

The seat with a 4 Class shock absorber; It draws a solid profile with its metal legs and durable wheels. In addition, the Mediterranean model with its metal inner skeleton and cast foam seating area provides an advantage for long-term use.

The best gaming seats

Xdrive Mediterranean

The product with a height of 138 cm, a width of 71 cm and a depth of 56 cm; Suitable for persons up to 185 cm tall and weighing 110 kilograms, depending on the brand.

6 – Xdrive Hurricane

The third Xdrive model on our list is Hurricane. The product, which has almost the same capabilities and structure as the Mediterranean model, differs with its load carrying capacity.

The best gaming seats

Xdrive Hurricane

For the Hurricane model, the brand states that people with a maximum height of 185 cm and weight of 130 kilograms can use it.

On the other hand, you can see below the alternative products that we haven’t detailed in our news but have included in our list. You can reach the price information of the products from the link we added.

You can click here to view and purchase all recommended products.

7 – Calitte Professional Gaming Chair | Viper Vpx Series

8 – xDrive Atak

9 – Türxide Shock Gaming Chair

10 – XFly Vendetta Gaming Chair

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