Tesla faces another investigation

Tesla’s ‘Self-Driving’ test alarms

Tesla’s “Total Self-DrivingBeta software is available on public streets. As the company’s CEO Elon Musk pointed out on Twitter, the prototype software will initially be delivered to small groups of Tesla owners and Engagement will be further expanded in the month. Road & Track and Jalopnik In the video above, which was also reported by, after seeing how bad the feature performs, it is thought that it is not such a good idea to expand the program quickly.

Beta testing causes dangerous results

YouTube user AI AddictDuring the journey made by the car, advanced driving assistant He shows many signs that he has to go a long way before he is ready for prime.

Some of the smaller issues include when trying to choose a lane little hesitation and confusion, Don’t stand too below the line and of parked cars Including being stuck behind.

Even more worrying is the moment when he was once driving through an intersection without a stop sign for cross traffic and then pretending to want to go through a fence.

In most of these situations, the driver must stop to continue or avoid a collision. manually it is stated that it should take control.

Of course, no one beta version He doesn’t expect it to be perfect, and getting people to test it is seen as a way of finding and solving problems.

On video As shown, “Complete Self-Driving” Beta users report back when things go wrong so that Tesla has this information and can work to fix it. However, the autonomous vehicle beta, unlike most people, can cause serious damage when something goes wrong and the driver cannot catch up in time.

It is stated that Tesla employees should spend more time in their hands rather than making this software public even in limited numbers. It is stated that if something goes wrong with the amateur testers behind the wheel, there can be very serious consequences, from someone being killed or seriously injured to retracting the cause of the automatic driving.

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