Tesla's batteries to energize Apple Park

Tesla’s batteries to energize Apple Park

Apple on Wednesday, 2015pioneered in Northern california announced that it is building a large battery storage project in the solar farm. According to the documents submitted last year, 240 megawatt The installation, which will store energy for up to hours, will be Monterey County Board of Auditors approved by.

Project, 85 pc That Tesla lithium “megapack”and the company’s CupertinoIt will help power its headquarters in.

Project will power more than 7,000 homes alongside Apple Park

Monterey County’s chief planning officer says Apple will use Tesla batteries The VergeConfirmed in an email to. However, Apple declined to comment on the issue. Tesla did not respond to the request for comment.

Apple will use 60 MWThe storage setup is still not Tesla’s largest. Because before the company, Australia and about south of Texas 100 MW larger in size and developed overall battery storage solutions. Still, Apple did this in a press release. “One of the biggest battery projects in the country” launched and the battery system for one day 7.000He stated that he can power more than one house.

Tesla Megapack: The biggest energy storage system

Tesla Megapack

Tesla batteries, produced by solar energy 130 megawattthe energy of Apple California Flats It will make it possible to store it on the farm.

Apple’dan Lisa Jackson, It is relevant, he told Reuters on Wednesday; “TThe challenge with the absolute energy is that the sun and wind are intermittent by definition. If we can and show that it works for us, it eliminates intermittent concerns and helps the grid in terms of stability. Something that can be imitated or built upon by other companies ” found in the description.

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