Tesla surprising painting: It sold more than it produced

Tesla surprising painting: It sold more than it produced

Tesla‘s production capacity continues to grow. Electric car company 2021It sold more cars than it produced in the first quarter. According to the figures shared today, the company is in the first quarter of 2021. three months more than he produced in the period 185.000 car sold.

Cars delivered by Tesla in the first quarter of 2021 183.000‘i Model 3 and Model Yconsisted of. Of these models 180.000and more than that were produced in the first quarter of the new year. In addition to Model 3 and Model Y deliveries, the company 2.020 piece Model S sold.

Tesla could beat last year’s target

Tesla, January 2021‘from Model S and Model X announced renewed designs, adding new powertrains, higher range options, and in-car display. The company “Extremely well received” and stated that production will increase in both new models.

The company is pleased to profit from the cars it produces in China. However, Tesla wants the newer Model Y to be acquired in the country. China has been the focus of Tesla since opening the Gigafactory there in 2019. Also as a critical place to meet the demand for the company’s cars is seen.

Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov

When Tesla shared its Q4 2020 financial figures, it announced that it could allow its factory in Shanghai to produce 1.05 million cars per year. The company aims to increase its financial figures as of the new year compared to the previous year.

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